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About Us

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Staff Declaration

All staff who work for Valley Community Services uphold the following principles:

As an employee I will regard the well-being of the people I serve as my primary professional obligation.
I will support the well-being of participants in all dealings with other professionals and agencies.
I will fulfill obligations and responsibilities with integrity.
I will accurately present myself and my qualifications in all dealings with participants, the public, professionals and organizations and avoid conflict of interest situations.

I will be competent in the performance of the services and functions undertaken on behalf of the people served.

I will respect the intrinsic worth of persons served in professional relationships with them.

I will ensure the appropriate maintenance of professional relationships with participants.
I will respect participant motivation, capacity and opportunity for change and will use this knowledge appropriately to facilitate change.
I will respect the intrinsic worth of all VCS personnel and will work towards building a positive team environment and will communicate appropriately and effectively with colleagues.
I will protect the confidentiality of all professionally acquired information. I will disclose such information only when properly authorized to do so or when obligated legally or professionally.

I will ensure that outside interests, including other employment, do not jeopardize professional judgment, independence or competence and will disclose such interests to my employer.

I will work for the creation and maintenance of workplace standards and policies consistent with the standard of practice set by this code.
I will act to promote excellence in practice within VCS.

Within the mandate of the Society, I will act to promote social justice for the overall benefit of the community.


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